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National Press;

I no longer update this list, the best place to stay up-to-date with my media work is Telegram.

2020 Archive:
Patrick Christys – Brexit, New Years Honours and Tier 4
Catholic Herald:
RSE curriculum approach ‘authoritarian’
TalkRadio: Kevin O’Sullivan – Do not capitulate to the militant unions
The Telegraph:
Social mobility is the real casualty of the Covid pandemic
Daily Mail:
When WILL they learn the terrible lesson of locking our children out of their schools?
Sky News:
Papers – Schools must remain open!
Brexit Success
Highlights of 2020
Open Season – Reversing the long march through the institutions
Political Panel – Freedom of Speech
The Telegraph:
Time to cancel unconscious bias training
Daily Mail: As diversity lessons for the civil service are scrapped, it’s good riddance to the bunkum of ‘unconscious race-bias’ classes
Richard Madeley – Got Brexit Done
Carole Walker – Millwall fans boo BLM
LBC: Andrew Castle –
Debating footballers taking a knee, with John Barnes
Daily Mail:
These stars are insulting the Windrush Generation
The Telegraph: Inflating grades would be another betrayal of Generation Covid
TalkRadio: Dan Wootton –
Perpetual lockdowns do not work
BBC warning as millions of over-75s refuse to pay licence fee in fury at ‘broken promises’
Julia Hartly-Brewer – BBC Diana Cover-Up
Dan Wootton – Political Panel – Barnardo’s White Privilege
Left-wing ‘woke’ identity politics failing Britain’s ethnic minorities argues writer
Julia Hartly-Brewer Coloured Person vs POC
Churches are not ‘non-essential’
Dan Wooton The furlough scheme has been extended until March.
The Independent Republic of Mike Graham:
Nigel Farage and Professor Karl Siroka on Lockdown 2.0, Calvin Robinson on Schools.
Mike Graham Government Resists Call To Shut Schools
Defund The BBC:
Jonathan Gullis MP: Overwhelming majority of constituents want BBC TV licence scrapped.
BBC 5 Live:
Stephen Nolan, Mary Bousted, Militant Unions
Douglas Carswell:
CRITICAL RACE THEORY in the class room?
Black Lives Matter Group Applies to Become Political Party in the UK
Nick Ferrari – Censorship and the ‘n’ word
David Lammy – Critical Race Theory
Some black lives matter more than others
Critical Race Theory with James Lindsay and Baroness Fox
Talk Radio:
Alastair Stewart: Critical Race Theory in classrooms
Blm Bandwagon’: Google Uk Doodle Celebrates Black Nationalist, Communist Activist Claudia Jones
The Telegraph:
Woke teaching has been a disaster for working class kids
Daily Mail:
The pernicious doctrine of ‘white privilege’ holds back children of all colours
Black History Month is too important to be left to divisive critical race theorists
Talk Radio:
Julia Hartly-Brewer – Black History Month
Sky News Podcast:
Black History Month
The Guardian:
Instead of a victimhood mentality, we should emphasise things that unite us
Daily Mail:
Did BBC pass up All Creatures revamp because it was too WHITE?
The Telegraph:
Beware Critical Race Theory – the divisive ideology infiltrating school history lessons
Daily Express:
BBC allows left wing hate speech – how is that ever right?
Talk Radio:
Dan Wootton – The Racist  Left
The Daily Telegraph:
As a black man, it is now almost impossible to stand up to the Black Lives Matter agenda
Exclusive: ‘If We Go Off-Script We’re Race-Traitors’ – Black Educator Mobbed After Criticising BLM, Critical Race Theory
Talk Radio:
Mike Graham, with Martin Daubney and Laurence Fox
Nick Ferrari – Lewis Hamilton
Good Morning Britain:
Piers Clashes With Political Commentator Over Diversity’s BGT Performance
Talk Radio:
Mike Graham – Covid Marshals, Rule Of Six, Civil Liberties
Henry Jackson Society Report:
Black Lives Matter UK: An Anthology
Henry Jackson Society Conference:
Black Lives Matter, A Force For Good?
Talk Radio:
Julia Hartly-Brewer – Unconcious Bias Training for Members of Parliament
Prayer Book Society:
Annual Conference 2020
The Spectator:
My students shouldn’t be made to wear face masks
The Telegraph:
Discipline will collapse if pupils are made to wear masks
Shelagh Fogarty – BBC Censoring Last Night of the Proms (full interview)
Talk Radio:
Mike Graham – Reopening Schools
BLM, Critical Race Theory & Our Schools
The Sunday Telegraph:
It’s soft bigotry to lower standards for minority kids.
Talk Radio:
Darryl Morris, 5am – Reopening Schools.
Academy of Ideas Lockdown Debate:
Can we cancel ‘cancel culture’?
Daily Mail:
The N-word is a repellent insult – but so is the belief that white people are innately racist
Daily Mail:
Triple lock on exam results? This is just a three-layered pudding of confusion
Cancelling exams was an outrageous betrayal of pupils
Interview with Rupert Lowe.
Jon Gaunt TV:
Should the BBC be defunded??
Kevin O’Sullivan Show – Schools in Lockdown.
Robinson: Labour’s Dawn Butler Is ‘stoking up Racial Tensions for Political Gain’
Salisbury Review: BAME is racist. I’m British.
Why is the BBC promoting identity politics?
WestMonster: White Privilege Isn’t A Thing.
Academy of Ideas: Can we cancel ‘cancel culture’?
Free Market Conservatives:
The BBC’s attack on our elderly is unacceptable
Leave.EU: one two
BLM, Educational Policy And Why We Need to Leave Our ‘Tribes’ to Make Progress
The Telegraph:
Britain’s schools don’t need a ‘black curriculum’
Kelvin Mackenzie:
What’s It Like Being A Tory And A Teacher?
Reasoned: Teacher:
Teach Kids That Being British UNITES Us
Talk Radio: GCSE and A-Level Results Being Modelled
The James Delingpole Channel:
Calvin Robinson
Good Morning Britain:
Should black history be made compulsory?
The New Culture Forum Channel:
Defund the BBC
Campaign for Common Sense:
Response to Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities
Kelvin Mackenzie:
Defund the BBC!
The Critic:
Auntie Monopoly. It’s time to end the dominance of the state broadcaster
Campaign for Common Sense:
Decolonising the curriculum
‘Woke Vision of Racism’ in Schools May Break Neutrality Laws
The Telegraph:
The insidious march of critical race theory in schools may be breaking the law
Talk Radio:
Julia Hartley-Brewer: Should children be given ‘unconscious bias’ training at school?
The Delingpod:
James Delingpole talks to Calvin Robinson
Lecturing BBC has its own agenda
The Telegraph:
The Premier League should have thought twice before getting into bed with Black Lives Matter
It’s time to defund the BBC
The Spectator:
Racial division is being sown in the name of anti-racism
Talk Radio:
Dan Wootton – Defund the BBC
The Mallard:
The Misguided Justice of Black Lives Matter
The Telegraph:
‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ is now as much a part of British culture as any other
Black and Conservative?
Talk Radio:
Mike Graham – School Update
Channel 4 News:
Racial inequality commission
Sunday Telegraph:
How dare the Left say that I can’t be a Conservative? It’s little short of racism
The Mallard:
The Intolerance of Black Lives Matter
Why I, as a black man, will not be supporting BLM
Free Market Conservatives:
Education, not vandalism and violence, is the key to ending racism
The Salisbury Review:
Killing the elderly and frail in the name of anti-racism
Mike Graham interview on Schools Returning
Mike Graham interview on Militant Teachers’ Unions
BBC Radio 5 Live:
Stephen Nolan Show on Schools Re-Opening
Daily Mail:
Without being at school, many pupils have no hope. That’s why teachers like me MUST get back in class
Why Can’t the Left Discuss Abortion?
In the Shadows of Giants: Tribute to Thatcher
The Times:
Let us use our churches
Daily Mail:
 A brave new look at Britain? I fear it’s a recipe for division: Former Brexit Party election candidate CALVIN ROBINSON has deep reservations about BBC drama Noughts + Crosses, which depicts a UK where black elites rule a white underclass
Daily Mail: Schools could be shut over Coronavirus
Breitbart: Robinson: MP Daniel Kawczynski’s Trial by Media is a Witch Hunt Against Conservatives

The Times: Times letters: Corbyn and the battle against antisemitism
Daily Mail: ‘Don’t mention Brexit and don’t support the Tories’: London school teacher reveals horror at how the Left are brainwashing our children
The Telegraph: Teacher who became face of Government recruitment drive warns that children are subjected to ‘left-wing brainwashing’ in classroom
The Sun: Are your kids being BRAINWASHED into supporting Labour? Top teacher claims children are secretly taught from ‘a very young age’ that Tories are ‘evil’
The Times: Teachers ‘indoctrinating’ children to be left-wing
LBC: Kevin Maguire interview
Daily Mail: Schools ‘brainwash’ pupils to see Tories as ‘evil’ and support Labour, says teacher who fronted Department for Education recruitment drive
Daily Express: Teacher poster boy chosen by Dept of Education says children are taught ‘Tories are evil’
Daily Express: Schools are brainwashing pupils to believe Tories are ‘evil’ claims teacher
Sunday Express: Extremists are taking over our classrooms
Breitbart: Star Teacher: Schools Are Subjecting Pupils to ‘left-wing Brainwashing’
WestMonster: Schoolchildren ‘indoctrinated by Left-wing Teachers’
The Guardian: Half of UK girls are bullied on social media
Daily Express: BREXIT on the BRINK: Leavers urged to use tactical voting site or ‘we lose it ALL’
Daily Express: Nigel Farage reveals his biggest Brexit mistake… and it will INFURIATE his rivals
Daily Mail: IT teacher Calvin Robinson stars in ‘Get Into Teaching’ campaign

Public Speaking;

ResearchED, Northampton.
BrewEd Weald, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Curriculum Ed 2019
Battle of Ideas: ‘The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education: 10 Years On’
ResearchED, National Conference 2018Addressing political bias in education
London Conservatives and Conservative Progress (CPC17) – Community Conservatism: engaging in our local communities
Centre for Social Justice (CPC 17) Tackling Digital Exclusion Through A Social Justice Strategy
London Youth Conference – ‘What policies should the Party be embracing and how should young people best influence politicians?’
London Conservatives: Engaging with London’s diverse communitiesHow do we start the dialogue?

Local Press;

Camden New Journal:
Face of government’s teacher recruitment drive rails against ‘lefty bias’ in schools
Borough’s secondaries are lagging behind
Barnet Times:
Mr Robinson is face of teaching
St Mary’s and St John’s CE school in Hendon recruits famous YouTube users to teach internet safety to pupils
Kids can go on school trip to the Taj Mahal – without leaving London
St Mary’s and St John’s CE School’s choir wows audience for vicar’s send off
Brent & Kilburn Times:
Petition launched for cleaner buses in Kensal Rise as air has illegally high levels of NO2
Petition for greener buses in Kensal Rise is enroute to the Mayor of London
Pranksters target bus passengers in Kensal Rise with a rude word
Six candidates will stand in Kilburn by-election
West Hampstead Life:
EU Referendum Hustings
The Tab A call for student Brexiteers in the ‘Battle of Broxtowe’
Impact General Election Candidates for Broxtowe
Scram Brexit Party candidate is former Boris champion who claims schools “indoctrinate” young people


Unlocked: Christmas Special
Positive Brexit News
Brexit Central:
Make your vote count and vote for the Brexiteer best placed to win in your seat
Conservative Progress: It’s a funny old time in politics
Free Market Conservatives: Why I stood down as the Brexit Party’s Candidate in Broxtowe Why I am voting to leave the European Union


Mike Graham: BBC is a “gated community for the privileged”
Andrew Bridgen MP: BBC has become “IRRELEVANT” to huge swathes of Britons
Dr David Bull: BBC painted Brexiteers as mad minority
Sammy Wilson MP: Scrap anti-unionist BBC’s licence fee
Leo Kearse: BBC won’t exist in 5 years
Daily Express:
BBC fury: Viewers ‘switch off in droves’ as they ‘rip up’ TV licence and refuse to pay fee
BBC revolt: Britons pledge to cancel TV licence as they reject ‘liberal elite’ broadcaster
TV licence fee fury: BBC accused of putting Lineker ahead of elderly – ‘Absolute scandal’
Lee Anderson MP:
I won’t be paying another penny to the BBC!
Daily Express:
Defund BBC campaigners ‘pushing at open door’ to scrap licence fee as momentum builds
Richard Tice:
Rot at the BBC runs too deep, it must commercialise
Laurence Fox:
BBC’s Threatening TV licence letters line my cat’s litter tray.
Reasoned LIVE with Defund The BBC’s Calvin Robinson and Darren Grimes
Andrea Jenkyns MP: TV licence to cover BBC only 
Ben Bradley MP:
BBC bias and scrapping the TV licence fee
Martin Daubney:
BBC diversity is people who look different but think the same
Belinda de Lucy: BBC boss tried to “placate the plebs”
Whole show / clip


Further Education News: Diversity
Don’t Divide Us:
Black History Month
New Culture Forum:
Decolonise Education
Adam Smith Institute:
Education in an age of Covid-19
The Equiano Project: The Argument Against ‘decolonising the curriculum’
My Students Shouldn’t Be Made To Wear Face Masks
Four Freedoms:
Black Conservatises and Left Wing Racism with Calvin Robinson
Free Marker Conservatives:
Teachers’ unions are taking advantage of the Coronacrisis
TES (Online):
Teachers assume their colleagues are all Left-wing – we need more tolerance in the profession
Salisbury Review: They want to replace Mozart with rap in schools
TES (Print):
Centralised detentions transformed behaviour at our school
Code Club:
Young people teach their peers how to code
Free Market Conservatives:
Funding isn’t the only issue facing our schools. If we are to make real improvements, the “progressive” blob will also need to be dealt with
Conservative Woman:
My pupils need Mozart, not Stormzy. Innit?
The Commentator:
Schools have a responsibility to promote British values, in order to unify our society once more
Future of Education: Leave the curriculum alone, and focus on quality of delivery
A tolerant society depends on how far teachers will defend freedom of speech – including Conservatives in the staffroom
Other TES mentions:
one, two, three
Conservative Woman:
Conservative Woman Interview: Our schools are becoming Conservative-free zones
Conservative Way Forward:
Let’s put British values back into British schools
Conservatives for Liberty:
Our young people are being indoctrinated towards a left-wing bias
Conservative Home:
We need to recruit and retain more teachers. Here’s how.
Conservative Teachers:
Brent Council are denying parents the choice they deserve
Conservative Teachers:
Poorly trained middle-leaders are harming our schools
Politics Home:
Teaching digital skills will help tackle social exclusion

Television and Video

BAFTA Games Awards
The Last of Us.

British voters tell us why they want their country to leave the European Union

Channel 4 News (UK)
Facebook Privacy Policies,
Full Interview on Facebook Privacy Issues,
Quit Facebook Day & Privacy Policy Updates.

Comedy Central
Olivia Lee’s Dirty Sexy Funny – at the TechCrunch Europas 2009 part 1
Olivia Lee’s Dirty Sexy Funny – at the TechCrunch Europas 2009 part 2


Michael Condrey (COD: WWII)
Robert Bowling
Jonathan Ross
Peter Molyneux
Mark Rubin
Dan Greenawalt (Forza 5)
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Developers
Tina Palacios (COD: Ghosts)
Jeffrey Yohalem (Far Cry 3)
Kevin Boyle and Kevin Bruner (Telltale Games)
Andrew Spinks (Terraria)
Robert Bowling (MW3)

Video Interviews: Bros with Fros Playlist


140 Conf Featured Character.

Misc. YouTube Appearances
Pivotal Podcast, Mantrousse, BAFTA, Yogscast Strippin, HeyChrissa, Dan Bull, Westie, IncredibleOrb, JackFrags.

Comic Relief 2009;

On Red Nose Day 2009 I shaved off my dreadlocks. Six years worth of hair, gone in 20 minutes.

I would just like to say a special thanks to everyone who sponsored the event. I really appreciate it – the money went to a great cause.

Sickle Cell is a genetic disease that affects millions, causes severe pain, strokes and sometimes unfortunately even death. The treatments are terrible and often very obtrusive to one’s day-to-day life. Many people suffer in silence as the disease isn’t very well known. Let’s help break the silence!


10 years later I did it again. A decades worth of Afro shaved off in order to raise awareness for Sickle Cell.

With an original target of £500 we actually raised over £1,700.00. Thank you everyone who donated toward this fantastic cause!


Katharine Birbalsingh – Headmistress, Michaela Community School (Brent)

Calvin Robinson ran an after-school club in Coding at Michaela from September 2015 to April 2016. The course lasted 2 terms. The children enjoyed it and learned a lot. It is so hard to find coding teachers, especially ones who have excellent presence and knowledge about teaching. Calvin Robinson has the knowledge of coding as well as a manner with children which means the children learn a lot.

We enjoyed having Calvin with us and the children were disappointed when the course came to an end.

Tia – Former Year 8 Student, QK Academy (Wmin)

Mr Robinson is kind and caring about everyone’s well being and education. He strives for all children to be inspired and aid them by giving a helping hand in any troubles they face; big or small. By supporting me he gave me confidence to become the person that I am today and believe in my self. With his help I took leading roles in subjects I love. Thanks Sir