Press Coverage

National Press;

Daily Mail: ‘Don’t mention Brexit and don’t support the Tories’: London school teacher reveals horror at how the Left are brainwashing our children
Telegraph: Teacher who became face of Government recruitment drive warns that children are subjected to ‘left-wing brainwashing’ in classroom
The Sun: Are your kids being BRAINWASHED into supporting Labour? Top teacher claims children are secretly taught from ‘a very young age’ that Tories are ‘evil’
The Times: Teachers ‘indoctrinating’ children to be left-wing
LBC: Kevin Maguire interview
Daily Mail: Schools ‘brainwash’ pupils to see Tories as ‘evil’ and support Labour, says teacher who fronted Department for Education recruitment drive
Express: Teacher poster boy chosen by Dept of Education says children are taught ‘Tories are evil’
Express: Schools are brainwashing pupils to believe Tories are ‘evil’ claims teacher
Sunday Express: Extremists are taking over our classrooms
Breitbart: Star Teacher: Schools Are Subjecting Pupils to ‘left-wing Brainwashing’
WestMonster: Schoolchildren ‘indoctrinated by Left-wing Teachers’
Guardian: Half of UK girls are bullied on social media

Public Speaking;

BrewEd Weald, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Curriculum Ed 2019
Battle of Ideas: ‘The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education: 10 Years On’
ResearchED: National Conference 2018Addressing political bias in education
London Conservatives and Conservative Progress (CPC17) – Community Conservatism: engaging in our local communities
Centre for Social Justice (CPC 17) Tackling Digital Exclusion Through A Social Justice Strategy
London Youth Conference – ‘What policies should the Party be embracing and how should young people best influence politicians?’
London Conservatives: Engaging with London’s diverse communitiesHow do we start the dialogue?

Local Press;

Camden New Journal:
Face of government’s teacher recruitment drive rails against ‘lefty bias’ in schools
Barnet Times:
Mr Robinson is face of teaching
St Mary’s and St John’s CE school in Hendon recruits famous YouTube users to teach internet safety to pupils
Kids can go on school trip to the Taj Mahal – without leaving London
St Mary’s and St John’s CE School’s choir wows audience for vicar’s send off
Brent & Kilburn Times:
Petition launched for cleaner buses in Kensal Rise as air has illegally high levels of NO2
Petition for greener buses in Kensal Rise is enroute to the Mayor of London
Pranksters target bus passengers in Kensal Rise with a rude word
Six candidates will stand in Kilburn by-election
West Hampstead Life:
EU Referendum Hustings


The Commentator: Schools have a responsibility to promote British values, in order to unify our society once more
Future of Education: Leave the curriculum alone, and focus on quality of delivery
TES: A tolerant society depends on how far teachers will defend freedom of speech – including Conservatives in the staffroom
Other TES mentions: one, two, three.
Conservative Woman: Conservative Woman Interview: Our schools are becoming Conservative-free zones
Conservative Way Forward: Let’s put British values back into British schools
Conservatives for Liberty: Our young people are being indoctrinated towards a left-wing bias
Conservative Home: We need to recruit and retain more teachers. Here’s how.
Conservative Teachers: Brent Council are denying parents the choice they deserve
Conservative Teachers: Poorly trained middle-leaders are harming our schools
Politics Home: Teaching digital skills will help tackle social exclusion

Television and Video;

BAFTA Games Awards 2014
The Last of Us.

British voters tell us why they want their country to leave the European Union

Channel 4 News (UK)
Facebook Privacy Policies,
Full Interview on Facebook Privacy Issues,
Quit Facebook Day & Privacy Policy Updates.

Microsoft’s Xbox Channel
Xbox Kinect Impressions One
Xbox Kinect Impressions Two

EA Trailers and Videos
Star Wars The Old Republic Fans at E3 (direct link)

Gamerbase TV
Episode One: Splinter Cell Conviction Pre-Launch

Comedy Central
Olivia Lee’s Dirty Sexy Funny – at the TechCrunch Europas 2009 part 1
Olivia Lee’s Dirty Sexy Funny – at the TechCrunch Europas 2009 part 2

Three (Mobile)
Three MiFi Launch

2013 Launch

Next Gen Gaming Blog
E3 Wrap-up Video


The GodCast (Videogame Podcast from GodisaGeek)

Spoilerific (TV, Film and Music Podcast from SeenitHeardit)

Ding (MMORPG Podcast from GodisaGeek)


Flickr/Twitter Beta,

Channel 4 News:
Apple iPad review: device changed my life

How to delete your Facebook account,
iPhone Tethering on o2 UK, without paying £15-£30 p/m.

Alienware M17X Review,
Star Trek Online Review.


Robert Bowling
Jonathan Ross
Peter Molyneux
Mark Rubin
Dan Greenawalt (Forza 5)
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Developers
Tina Palacios (COD: Ghosts)
Jeffrey Yohalem (Far Cry 3)
Kevin Boyle and Kevin Bruner (Telltale Games)
Andrew Spinks (Terraria)
Robert Bowling (MW3)

Video Interviews: Bros with Fros Playlist


140 Conf
Featured Character.

Misc. YouTube Appearances
Pivotal Podcast, Mantrousse, BAFTA, Yogscast Strippin, HeyChrissa, Dan Bull, Westie, IncredibleOrb, JackFrags.

Comic Relief 2009;

On Red Nose Day 2009 I shaved off my dreadlocks. Six years worth of hair, gone in 20 minutes.

I would just like to say a special thanks to everyone who sponsored the event. I really appreciate it – the money went to a great cause.

10 years later and I’m doing it again, shaving off my afro for charity. Please do sponsor me on my Just Giving page

Sickle cell is a genetic disease that affects millions, causes severe pain, strokes and sometimes unfortunately even death. The treatments are terrible and often very obtruisive to one’s day-to-day life. Many people suffer in silence as the disease isn’t very well known. Let’s help break the silence!


Katharine Birbalsingh – Headmistress, Michaela Community School (Brent)

Calvin Robinson ran an after-school club in Coding at Michaela from September 2015 to April 2016. The course lasted 2 terms. The children enjoyed it and learned a lot. It is so hard to find coding teachers, especially ones who have excellent presence and knowledge about teaching. Calvin Robinson has the knowledge of coding as well as a manner with children which means the children learn a lot.

We enjoyed having Calvin with us and the children were disappointed when the course came to an end.

Tia – Former Year 8 Student, QK Academy (Wmin)

Mr Robinson is kind and caring about everyone’s well being and education. He strives for all children to be inspired and aid them by giving a helping hand in any troubles they face; big or small. By supporting me he gave me confidence to become the person that I am today and believe in my self. With his help I took leading roles in subjects I love. Thanks Sir