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May 2020 – TalkRadio: Mike Graham interview on Militant Teachers’ Unions
May 2020 – Free Marker Conservatives: Teachers’ unions are taking advantage of the Coronacrisis
May 2020 – BBC Radio 5 Live: Stephen Nolan Show on Schools Re-Opening
May 2020 – Daily Mail: Without being at school, many pupils have no hope. That’s why teachers like me MUST get back in class
May 2020 – Daily Mail: Without being at school, many pupils have no hope. That’s why teachers like me MUST get back in class (after the fold)
March 2020 – Daily Mail:Schools could be shut over Coronavirus

December 2019 – TES (Online): Teachers assume their colleagues are all Left-wing – we need more tolerance in the profession
December 2019 – Brexit Central: Make your vote count and vote for the Brexiteer best placed to win in your seat
November 2019 – Conservative Progress: It’s a funny old time in politics
October 2019 – TES (Print): Centralised detentions transformed behaviour at our school
July 2019 – Free Market Conservatives: Funding isn’t the only issue facing our schools. If we are to make real improvements, the “progressive” blob will also need to be dealt with.
June 2019 – Salisbury Review: They want to replace Mozart with rap in schools
June 2019 – Conservative Woman: My pupils need Mozart, not Stormzy. Innit?
May 2019 – The Commentator: Schools have a responsibility to promote British values, in order to unify our society once more

Code Club: Young people teach their peers how to code
Daily Mail:IT teacher Calvin Robinson stars in ‘Get Into Teaching’ campaign Daily Mail:‘Don’t mention Brexit and don’t support the Tories’: London school teacher reveals horror at how the Left are brainwashing our children
The Telegraph:Teacher who became face of Government recruitment drive warns that children are subjected to ‘left-wing brainwashing’ in classroom
The Sun:Are your kids being BRAINWASHED into supporting Labour? Top teacher claims children are secretly taught from ‘a very young age’ that Tories are ‘evil’
The Times: Teachers ‘indoctrinating’ children to be left-wing
LBC:Kevin Maguire interview
Daily Mail:Schools ‘brainwash’ pupils to see Tories as ‘evil’ and support Labour, says teacher who fronted Department for Education recruitment drive
Daily Express:Teacher poster boy chosen by Dept of Education says children are taught ‘Tories are evil’
Daily Express:Schools are brainwashing pupils to believe Tories are ‘evil’ claims teacher
Sunday Express:Extremists are taking over our classrooms
Breitbart:Star Teacher: Schools Are Subjecting Pupils to ‘left-wing Brainwashing’
WestMonster:Schoolchildren ‘indoctrinated by Left-wing Teachers’
The Guardian: Half of UK girls are bullied on social media
ConHome: Future of Education: Leave the curriculum alone, and focus on quality of delivery
TES: A tolerant society depends on how far teachers will defend freedom of speech – including Conservatives in the staffroom
Other TES mentions: onetwothree.
Conservative Woman: Conservative Woman Interview: Our schools are becoming Conservative-free zones
Conservative Way Forward: Let’s put British values back into British schools
Conservatives for Liberty: Our young people are being indoctrinated towards a left-wing bias
Conservative Home: We need to recruit and retain more teachers. Here’s how.
Conservative Teachers: Brent Council are denying parents the choice they deserve
Conservative Teachers: Poorly trained middle-leaders are harming our schools
Politics Home: Teaching digital skills will help tackle social exclusion

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